Antiques furniture

Antiques furniture

Some styles just never lose their appeal. There’s a reason antiques market are so popular, and those with an eye for quality are aware of the craftsmanship involved in creating such fine products. But the downside of the antiques trade is that, no matter how well looked after, eventually these good will begin to perish.  And while refurbishment is a great way to preserve these wonderful creations, it can be prohibitively expensive to bring them back to their original condition.

However, there is a fantastic way to have fabulous antique goods which don’t need to be endlessly repaired and patched. Many people with a love for these styles can have custom made furniture created at a number of outlets throughout Australia.  The beauty of an antique reproduction shop is that every conceivable style from bygone times can be brought to life in its absolute best form, with any number of design and fabric alterations available to suit the individual tastes of the buyer.

Advantages of Reproduction

  • Warranty – It’s something that doesn’t sound right when discussing antiques, but most professional reproduction companies will offer a comprehensive warranty on all goods sold. Depending on the provider, basic or extended cover may be provided.
  • Affordability – If you want that original Luis XIV table you’re going to need a lot of spare cash. The best antiques don’t come cheap. To appoint a room, let alone an entire home, with original items is a hobby for the serious collector. However, if a tasteful, retrospective décor is desired, the smart option is reproduction.
  • Congruity – Shabby chic is great, but not everyone wants the eclectic look. With reproduction there is a possibility to keep everything themed or unified. Furniture which complements its surroundings, and vice-versa, can be very satisfying, and those with a modernist mind-set usually prefer a consistent look throughout their home.
  • High Quality Materials – Not that originals were made from poor quality materials, but many modern fabrics are designed to last. The likelihood of a reproduction lasting longer than an original antique is pretty high, especially if a professional, well-established company is used. Also, all new furniture must pass strict regulation regarding fire safety. In the unlikely event of a house fire antique goods can be a ferocious source of fuel. Reproductions, like all modern furniture, will contribute to a much safer home environment.

vintagesThe market for reproduction antiques is set to expand as people become more aware of the benefits of these goods. In recent years more and more companies have appeared which offer bespoke quality goods that at one time would have been out with the budget of most potential buyers.  However, the availability of cost effective materials, and advanced build technology, has made the market much more competitive. Conversely, the desire for originals has become an increasing financial burden for anyone interested in these fabulous creations. Collectors now buy and sell these goods for prices which are not attractive to the average consumer, and in future years the most practical way for an antiques admirer to own and appreciate these cherished bygone styles will surely be through the reproduction market.