Nobody likes working in a particularly noisy environment. Sure, in some cases such as in an industrial environment, noise is unavoidable, especially with such heavy machinery, – however, there are protective items that people can wear such as ear plugs and noise-dampening earphones. But, picture working in an office environment and having to wear earplugs in order to be able to hear yourself think? It doesn’t sound too ideal does it!

There is however, many things that you can do to create a quieter and more comfortable environment, even if your office is open plan and in a particularly large space. For example, you could implement various booths which can create an element of privacy and contribute towards a quieter working environment, but what else?

Use Soundproofing Acoustic Panels for Noise Reduction


A well-optimised acoustic system is the perfect solution to all of your noise related problems in the office. With the right company, you’ll be able to get specialist advice on how to kit your office out, which materials will be best and how to place them effectively to achieve the best possible results. But, why is soundproofing so important?

Less Noise = More Productivity

In an office environment, noise reduction is important when it comes to your employee’s concentration levels. If they can hear everyone’s conversations going on around them and everything is echoing from one surface to the next, it’s going to be incredibly difficult for people to focus on what they are doing. Simply put, a quieter environment will result in higher levels of productivity.

People Speak Louder in Noisy Environments

A noisy environment will only lead to more noise! When you are struggling to hear your own voice, you invariably raise your own voice in order to compete with the rest of the noise which is going on all around you. Basically, if you use hanging acoustic panels called baffles, you’ll have a much easier time of being able to hear yourself think. Such an effective system will dampen the sound and invariably result in a much quieter, relaxed environment. If people don’t need to compete to hear one another, you’ll notice a much more peaceful office.

house partitionsNo More Stress

OK, so reducing the noise levels in your office isn’t going to remove all of the stress which comes with the job, however it will certainly make life much easier for everyone involved. Much of the stress can be subconscious, as you don’t realise just how stressful noise can be. Even if you are managing to hold your concentration and crack on with your work, your mind will be working much harder to drown out all of the confusion in the background.

If you want your employees to have a healthy and relatively relaxing work-environment, then you’d do well to invest in an effective soundproofing system.