Window glassWhat’s the point in having windows if you can’t see out of them. Blinds and curtains have their place but really, we would all like an unobstructed view of our neighbours trying to parallel park. Unfortunately, large uncovered windows have a fish bowl effect for those inside – we look at the world and the world looks at us. A better scenario is we look at the world and the world doesn’t get to look into our homes. This is actually easier to achieve than you might think.  With companies all over Australia offering home window tinting services it’s never been a better time to get that dark, moody mysterious look to you house. Apart from looking fab, there are some seriously good benefits to having your windows tinted.


Here’s a few thing you may want to consider:

  • Professionally applied solar glass tints can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s heat. That can have a dramatic effect on the inside temperature of a property. Most Australian household have  to deal with intense heat at some point, and anything that could have such a cooling effect is always welcome.
  • It could help make huge savings on aircon costs. With such a massive impact on solar heat levels the need to have the aircon on during the summer will certainly be reduced. In turn, this could help make a home much more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.
  • No more annoying glare. You can spy on your neighbour all day without having to squint.
  • Window tints are great for security. Unwanted and nosey visitors to your property will get to see nothing you don’t want them to see.
  • Protection from the sun. Even through glass the intense Australian sun can have damaging effects on the skin.  But with window tints that is all but eliminated and still allows for fantastic views.
  • Added glass safety.  Tints are bonded to already existing glass. This provides added strength and in effect creates a toughened surface, and for large windows this is a very reassuring addition, especially if there are children in the property.

Tinted Home Windows

Easier to Install than you Think

Possibly the greatest benefit to window tinting is how easy it is to do.  A tinted film is professionally applied to an existing window with specialist UVA/B adhesives. This is not a prolonged process and there is no requirement to alter any part of an existing window or window frame. The entire fitting can be done in one day by a professional installation team, and there is minimum disruption to a customer’s property. There are several companies throughout Australia which can offer this service. One worthy of mention is Sydney based SolarGraph Glass Tinting who specialise in home and commercial tinting and frosting. Companies like this can transform a home in one visit and many Australians are now becoming aware of the benefits of such a simple yet effective service.